• EMLID REACH RS2 Rp 47.400.000

    Key Features:

    GNSS: L1/L2/L5 and multi-feed antenna.
    Autonomy: 16 hours of RTK, USB charging, 6–40 V external power.
    Cellular: Global 3.5G with internal antenna.
    LoRa radio: 868/915 MHz operation, ultra-high sensitivity, new antenna.
    Durability: IP67, shockproof, 5/8”

  • EMLID REACH RS+ Rp 18.550.000

    Key Features:

    • High performance dual-feed antenna with large ground plane
    • Cross-platform ReachView app for configuration and surveying
    • 868/915 MHz LoRa for up to 8 km connectivity
    • Broad connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RS-232, USB
    • Logs RINEX at update rate up to 14 Hz
    • IP67
    • 30 hours on 1 charge
    • FCC and CE certified


  • EMLID REACH M2 Rp 10.750.000

    Key Features:

    RTK Up to 60 km
    PPK Up to 100 km
    Time to fix 5 sec
    Frequency bands Mulri-band
    RINEX logging update rate Up to 20 Hz

  • EMLID REACH M+ Rp 6.600.000

    Key Features:

    • RTK positioning for navigation
    • PPK for UAV mapping
    • Centimeter accuracy without ground control points
    • Sync directly with Camera hot shoe port
    • Control with ReachView app

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