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  • EMLID Reach M2 Uav Rtk Mapping Kit Rp 49.750.000

    Upgrade GPS in your drone with centimeter-accurate Reach M2 UAV RTK kit. Reach M2 receives corrections from Reach RS2 using LoRa radio and outputs precise coordinates to the autopilot. This kit can also be used in other applications, where moving receiver needs to be compact.

  • EMLID Reach RS2 Rp 34.000.000

    Key Features:

    GNSS: L1/L2/L5 and multi-feed antenna.
    Autonomy: 16 hours of RTK, USB charging, 6–40 V external power.
    Cellular: Global 3.5G with internal antenna.
    LoRa radio: 868/915 MHz operation, ultra-high sensitivity, new antenna.
    Durability: IP67, shockproof, 5/8”

  • EMLID Reach RS+ Rp 13.350.000

    Key Features:

    • High performance dual-feed antenna with large ground plane
    • Cross-platform ReachView app for configuration and surveying
    • 868/915 MHz LoRa for up to 8 km connectivity
    • Broad connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RS-232, USB
    • Logs RINEX at update rate up to 14 Hz
    • IP67
    • 30 hours on 1 charge
    • FCC and CE certified


  • EMLID Reach M2 Rp 7.750.000

    Key Features:

    RTK Up to 60 km
    PPK Up to 100 km
    Time to fix 5 sec
    Frequency bands Mulri-band
    RINEX logging update rate Up to 20 Hz

  • EMLID Reach M+ Rp 5.600.000

    Key Features:

    • RTK positioning for navigation
    • PPK for UAV mapping
    • Centimeter accuracy without ground control points
    • Sync directly with Camera hot shoe port
    • Control with ReachView app
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