CZI Equipment

  • CZZN ES638 Thrower Launcher For Matrice 300 Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    6 rounds magazine
    6 rounds at a time, Suitable for 38mm ammunition, Special for anti riot.
    Easy to operate
    Based on Dajiang psdk, Dajiang remote control, View the screen in real time.
    Quick disassembly and quick installation
    Adapt to Dajiang M300, Unique quick disassembly method, Change warehouse quickly.
    Robust and reliable
    50kg impact without deformation, Multi layer anti-static, Shock absorption design.

  • CZZN MP140 Digital Voice Broadcasting System Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    Super loud
    The maximum sound pressure can reach 140dB, The sound pressure is up to 120dB at a distance of 10m, The effective sound raising distance is 1000m.
    Built in micro pan tilt
    Three axis anti shake micro PTZ, 1080p Full HD camera.
    Multiple broadcast modes
    TTS text to speech, Shouting in real time, Recording cycle, Memory audio file playback.
    More features
    Color screen handheld microphone, 0-90 ° pitch adjustment function, Assembly to quick release adapter ring, Efficient heat dissipation and three prevention design.

  • CZZN MP130 V2 Loudspeaker Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    Dual link handheld mic
    PSDK&LTE, Dual links guarantee communication, Handheld mic comes standard, Color screen visualization operation.
    Multiple play modes
    Real-time propaganda, TTS, voice upload, Audio file upload and playback, CZI language library/text library calls.
    130 dB 500 m
    130dB shock volume, 500m propagation distance, Over the LTE link, Control unlimited distance.
    Synchronous pitching, precise broadcasting
    Through the DJI interface, it is plug-and-play, Automatic synchronous pitching, Follow the gimbal camera swing, Achieve the best broadcast effect.

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