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Job Title
Product Manager - Inspection & Asset Management
Office time
[MON - FRI: 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM]
Jakarta, Indonesia
Job Type
Full Time On-site
17 August, 2024
  • English
  • Product Management


Halo Robotics is the largest commercial drone distributor and service provider in Indonesia, providing full drone solutions across every industry, including Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Power, Construction, Security and Public Safety. Halo Robotics is the exclusive distributor of DJI Enterprise, the largest drone manufacturer in the world, and represents global leaders in every category of commercial drone technology in Indonesia. 

We are looking for a Product Manager role, focused on the category of Inspection & Asset Management with technical knowledge NDT / UT Thickness Measurement, Visual Inspection and Thermography, Gas Detection and Methane Quantification, Digital Twin and As-Built Asset Modeling. 

Ideal candidates will have a strong professional character, and are enthusiastic about new challenges to build their skills and careers in a dynamic high-tech, fast-growth work environment.  


  1. Bachelors or Master’s Degree in fields related to NDT 
  2. Experience as product manager or business development minimum of 5-years.
  3. Strong technical background and deep knowledge about our  products, in order to be able to design drone-based Inspection & Asset Management for a wide range of potential customers.
  4. Written and Spoken English is mandatory for this position. Mandarin or Cantonese language is a bonus.
  5. Professional communication style and ability to communicate directly with the Principal/Manufacturer.
Job Responsibilities

Job Description:

  1. End-to-end Product Development: Principal communication, coordination in technical solutions and internal training, to end-user technical presentation and sales solutions offering.
  2. Pre-sales: Design drone solutions technical and commercial offers for a wide range of potential customers, assist sales and clients to provide the best technical for Inspection & Asset Management including technical presentations and proposals.
  3. Market Development: Having strong technical background and deep knowledge about NDT, in order to be able to drive the execution of all processes in the product life cycle, including product and market research, competitor analysis, planning, positioning, requirements and roadmap development, and product launch.
  4. Product Training & Workshops: Provide customer support and various types of training on our products, as needed. Organize workshops & training seminars to educate customers and reseller channel partners.
  5. Leads Database: Research of industries and end-users, to be able to support the sales team to open and data new leads based on the segment of the industries, additionally for being active in associations, groups etc.
  6. Product Knowledge: maintain technical abilities and proven skills/experience in the fields of NDT / UT Thickness Measurement, Visual Inspection and Thermography, Gas Detection and Methane Quantification, Digital Twin and As-Built Asset Modeling.
  7. Collaborate with partner companies and authorized resellers to develop sales and marketing strategies for Inspection & Asset Management, to specific target markets.
  8. Solutions architect, designing drone-based Inspection & Asset Management systems with visual flowcharts and system design documentation to clearly explain a technology solution to customers, frequently including the integration of third-party products provided by partner distributor and system integrator companies.
  9. Work effectively with colleagues and internal Operations Team to support sales and pre-sales, understanding customer requirements and working with our team internally to provide solutions and customer support.
  10. Stay sharply updated on commercial drone and Inspection & Asset Management, maintaining high awareness of new products, industry and market developments.
  • Medical
  • Miscellaneous allowance
  • Parking
  • Free Income Tax



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