Foxtech Baby Shark 260 Vtol – Mapping

Rp 205.900.000

Key Features:

BABY SHARK features a highly advanced aerodynamic design. It is made of composite materials, which features high strength and light weight. The fuselage is big enough to hold a flight controller, batteries or other devices.
It can take off and land vertically with only small areas needed. The frame of BABY SHARK is only 2.7kg, and max take-off weight is 13kg, the stall speed of the BABY SHARK is 16m/s, the highest speed is about 110km/h.


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With advanced aerodynamic design and high strength composite materials for long range requirements, the Shark series VTOL are user-friendly, efficient, and highly modular platforms which can be tailored to any requirement, with up to 3-hour flight time.

In a survey and mapping configuration, the Shark comes ready out of the box, and features RTK-PPK functionality with a fixed-lens 45 megapixel camera for spectacular survey accuracy, and 3-hour flight time enables 2000-3000ha of data acquisition per flight. Engineered for flexibility, the Shark allows easy payload switching, with open compatibility for other cameras, for example the Micasense Rededge multispectral cameras.

If needed for security and emergency response, the Shark can hold up to 3KG payload weight including powerful livestream video transmission components, and high spec EO/IR payloads for long range detection and tracking. In this configuration, Shark VTOL can be powerful ISR drones with capabilities significantly ahead of other VTOL aircraft.

Color White
Wingspan 2500mm
Length 1400mm
Material Composites
Frame Weight 2.7kg
RTF Weight 5.6kg (no battery, no payload)
Max. Take-off Weight 0~1500m/13kg; 1500m~3000m/11kg
Endurance 2.5h (2xDiamond 6S 22000mAh Semi-solid State Lipo Battery +2x6S 5000mAh Lipo Battery, no payload)
Suggested Max Payload 2.1kg(excluding battery); 7.4kg (including battery)
Max Cruising Speed 110km/h
Suggested Cruising Speed 21-22m/s
Stall Speed 16m/s
Max Bank Rate 30°
Suggested Take-off Altitude 0~3000m
Take-off/Landing VTOL
Fixedwing/VTOL Working Voltage 24V/48V

Foxtech BABY SHARK 260 VTOL Folding Frame × 1 | Motor for VTOL Mode × 4 | ESC for VTOL Mode × 4 | (pairs) Propellers for VTOL Mode × 2 | (pair) Spare Propellers for VTOL Mode(for free) x 1 | High Efficiency Tail Motor × 1 | Tail ESC × 1 | Propeller CW for Tail Motor x 1 | Spare Propeller CW for Tail Motor(for free) x 1 | Servo x 4 | AEROFOX CAN Airspeed & Compass x 1 | UBEC x 2 | Power Monitor Module x 1 | Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set with Here 3 GNSS x 1 | DA16S+ Radio Controller x 1 | Carrying Case x 1 | Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service x 1

When buying from Halo Robotics, you can be confident that you are working with Indonesia’s leading drone experts. As the only Gold level DJI Enterprise distributor in Indonesia, Halo Robotics operates a fully warranty and aftersales service center in Jakarta, and is the only company in Indonesia able to guarantee authorized DJI Enterprise products with full Indonesia warranty, along with direct phone and email access to our certified Repairs Centre with DJI-qualified drone technicians. And we guarantee that we will have the best prices on the market — if not, let us know, and we will match any price (conditions apply).

MC: 12 Months
Gimbal Camera: 6 Months
Propulsion system (excluding propellers): 6 Months
Remote Controller: 6 Months
Battery: 6 Months and Charge Cycle less than 200 Times
Battery Charger: 12 Months
Frame: No warranty
Propeller: No warranty

Legal Name: PT. Halo Indah Permai
Authorized Distributor (STP Kemendag): DJI Enterprise, DJI Agriculture

DJI Aftersales Service Center, Jakarta:
Pondok Pinang Center, Block C16-18
Jl. Ciputat Raya, Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta, Indonesia, 12310
Phone Number & WhatsApp: +62 812-8251-8882
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