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  • CZI FT10 Flame Thrower for Power Transmission Line Rp 999.999.999

    Based on DJI M300 RTK, FT10 Flame Thrower for Power Grid cleaning purpose, firstly introduced by czi globally.
    FT10 Flame Thrower for Power Grid cleaning. The fuel is mixed alcohol which is environment friendly to the farmland.

  • CZI IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Searchlight Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – Infrared supplementary light, excellent permeability
    Optical fiber laser light source is used The output power reaches 12W The effect of penetrating misty rain haze is good Exposure range up to 1500 metres
    – Linear zoom, flexible dimming
    70 x zoom Accurate tracking and reconnaissance Linear light and dark regulation Flexible brightness control
    – Imaging grade optics, industrial grade protection
    Imaging optical lens group The light is sharp -35℃ cold start is supported Waterproof and dustproof
    – The PTZ follow, easy to control
    Integrated smart chip Automatic detection of power supply status and lamp panel temperature Over discharge and over voltage can power off automatically Protection of power supply safety

  • CZI GL300 Gimbal Searchlight Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – Super high power, super brightness
    7 LED beads 300 W high power 21000 lumen value 45 degree lighting, larger area
    – Good pitch to follow objects in different situations
    The PTZ rotates in pitch Convenient and flexible multi-angle lighting It can be matched with fixed point lighting of tied power supply Battery-powered search for lighting is also available
    – Imaging optics, no reflective bowl
    Optical lens imaging technology Uniform brightness and clarity No reflective bowl design No secondary spot
    – Standard interface, universal mount
    DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface is adopted Suitable for DJI UAV Matrice series CZZN universal interface can be selected Suitable for more industry drones

  • CZI ML150 Matrix lamp Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – High power, strong brightness
    48V power supply design The power is up to 150 watts 20000 lumens Strong brightness, large lighting range
    – Flexible power supply, super long lighting
    Independent battery support Support tethered power supply Free to switch short/long range Maximum illumination: over 10 hours
    – The spotlight is very concentrated
    30 degree high concentration concave lens More focused lighting Patented heat dissipation structure design Heat dissipation is more efficient
    – Over current protection
    Intelligent circuit protection system Automatic detection of power supply status and lamp panel temperature Over discharge and over voltage can power off automatically Protection of power supply safety

  • CZI FL48 Red Blue Flashing Lights Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – The logo is very clear
    Flicker frequency up to 150 times/min Under a hot sun and a clear sky The red and blue lights were still visible
    – The control is convenient
    Added blaster signal control box Development based on DJI OSDK Synchronizes the UAV data link Control is safer and more convenient
    – Easy to operate
    CZZN software control is adopted At the same time retain the suspension window function The UAV and FL48 can be synchronously controlled on the PILOT interface
    – Flexible power supply
    Adapted to DJI M300 RTK UAV Use OSDK port for power supply and communication control Reduce out-of-pocket power troubles Streamlined and flexible power supply

  • CZI TH4 Throwing Hook V2 Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – Small but strong
    Its own weight is 320 grams A maximum of 10 kg per toss A total of 40 kilograms can be loaded
    – Convenient and quick
    Quick installation with DJI SkyPort V2.0 Quick loading of supplies
    – The control is convenient
    No third party controller Polit automatically identifies the load Prompt for real-time information window
    – Safe and reliable
    Optimize the usage process and reduce the failure rate Various exception handling mechanisms prevent safety accidents

  • CZI GL60 Zoom Spotlight For Matrice 300 Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – High lumen LED linear dimming
    High lumen LED linear dimming Rated power up to 65W Effective light up to 200 meters Flexible brightness control
    – Flexible zoom, automatic follow
    Fresnel lens optical zoom structure 7.5 to 33 degrees of light Angle Follow the camera zoom and rotation Wherever the camera goes, the light comes
    – Multiple modes, target tracking
    With strong flash mode Can concentrate light/flood light Can lock and capture moving objects Continuous irradiation follow-up
    – Fully sealed waterproof and dustproof design
    Non-fan fully sealed design Better waterproof and dustproof performance

  • CZI GL60 Plus Spotlight For Matrice 300 Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – LED linear dimming
    High power LED light source, Maximum power 120W, 100 meters of ground illumination 24lux, Linear shading, The license plate was not exposed.
    – Non reflective bowl design
    No secondary light spot, Reduce the loss of effective brightness, With strong light explosion and flash mode, It can silently drive away and indicate the direction.
    – Imaging optical technology
    Imaging optics, 4 sets of optical lens sets, 1 set of 4 lenses, 15 degree luminous angle,
    – Ultra lightweight design
    Fully sealed fuselage, IP55 waterproof and dustproof, New die casting heat dissipation process, 0.7 kg ultra light weight, Flexible use and longer endurance.

  • CZI GL60 Gimbal Searchlight For Matrice 300 Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – High lumen LED linear dimming
    High power LED light source Maximum power consumption up to 65W Linear light and dark regulation There will be no overexposure when shooting reflective material
    – No reflective bowl design, can highlight flash
    No secondary spot of reflective bowl Reduce effective brightness loss With strong flash mode Silent expulsion and orientation function
    – Small Angle irradiation
    Imaging level optics Set of 5 optical lenses Only 12 degree Angle sharp light column Irradiation range up to 200 metres
    – Fully sealed design, light weight integration
    The airframe is fully sealed without fans Provide better waterproof and dustproof performance Light, small and simple in appearance It fits perfectly with drones

  • CZI CR10 UAV DMR Communication Relay For Matrice 300 Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    – Fast networking and flexible expansion
    Automatic addressing, No wired link resources are required, No wireless link resources are required, No debugging required.
    – Multilevel forwarding coverage blind area
    No central interconnection, Large communication coverage.
    – Common frequency dual use
    Multiple relays use one frequency, Voice transmission channel, Base station link transmission channel.
    – Clear voice in the same frequency and broadcast
    Six hop networking, Same single frequency point, Same frequency and same broadcast.

  • CZI ES638 Thrower Launcher For Matrice 300 Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    6 rounds magazine
    6 rounds at a time, Suitable for 38mm ammunition, Special for anti riot.
    Easy to operate
    Based on Dajiang psdk, Dajiang remote control, View the screen in real time.
    Quick disassembly and quick installation
    Adapt to Dajiang M300, Unique quick disassembly method, Change warehouse quickly.
    Robust and reliable
    50kg impact without deformation, Multi layer anti-static, Shock absorption design.

  • CZZN MP140 Digital Voice Broadcasting System Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    Super loud
    The maximum sound pressure can reach 140dB, The sound pressure is up to 120dB at a distance of 10m, The effective sound raising distance is 1000m.
    Built in micro pan tilt
    Three axis anti shake micro PTZ, 1080p Full HD camera.
    Multiple broadcast modes
    TTS text to speech, Shouting in real time, Recording cycle, Memory audio file playback.
    More features
    Color screen handheld microphone, 0-90 ° pitch adjustment function, Assembly to quick release adapter ring, Efficient heat dissipation and three prevention design.

  • CZI MP130 V2 Loudspeaker Rp 999.999.999

    Key Features :
    Dual link handheld mic
    PSDK&LTE, Dual links guarantee communication, Handheld mic comes standard, Color screen visualization operation.
    Multiple play modes
    Real-time propaganda, TTS, voice upload, Audio file upload and playback, CZI language library/text library calls.
    130 dB 500 m
    130dB shock volume, 500m propagation distance, Over the LTE link, Control unlimited distance.
    Synchronous pitching, precise broadcasting
    Through the DJI interface, it is plug-and-play, Automatic synchronous pitching, Follow the gimbal camera swing, Achieve the best broadcast effect.

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