• Foxtech Baby Shark 260 Vtol - Mapping Rp 206.000.000

    Key Features:

    BABY SHARK features a highly advanced aerodynamic design. It is made of composite materials, which features high strength and light weight. The fuselage is big enough to hold a flight controller, batteries or other devices.
    It can take off and land vertically with only small areas needed. The frame of BABY SHARK is only 2.7kg, and max take-off weight is 13kg, the stall speed of the BABY SHARK is 16m/s, the highest speed is about 110km/h.


  • Foxtech Loong 2160 Vtol - Mapping Rp 85.800.000

    Key Features:

    Features aerodynamic shape with 2160mm wingspan and 1200mm fuselage. Made from EPO and reinforced by carbon tubes that are of high tensile strength and low weight, the whole frame is durable and portable, weighing only 1kg.
    Drone the belly is protected by wearproof PVC layer and two wings are covered with a layer of high-strength Aluminum-plastic Film for protection.

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